Ingvar Loco Nordin & Anna Nygren
Lisa's Helmet Hike
(Mårma - Three Pass Trail 2011)

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Chapter 1

This is the total hike we did between 1 and 10 August 2011:

When Anna and I had finished our winter ski hike in Swedish Lapland in April of 2011, we already planned a summer hike as well, to be conducted in August, in spite of all the damage to my toe nails from rented boots. The severe head winds made me so tired that I didn’t notice the uncanny pressure I accidentally applied to my toes in my rented footwear during the incredible nine hours it took us on skis through the high winter winds from Abiskojaure to The Alesjaure Huts; about 22 kilometers. I lost a few toenails, and they had barely grown back during my persistent disinfectant care over the months, when time came for the August adventure.

Our plan – which was a joint plan constructed from our two earlier individual sketches – was to start in Abisko, walk south a few kilometers and then divert up into The Ballinvággi Valley, move towards The Mårma Pass, across it, down to The Vistas Hut, into the east inlet of The Unna Reaiddávággi Valley, climb The Pyramid Pass and continue the entire Three Pass Trail across The Kaskasavagge (Gaskkasvággi) Valley and The Kuopervagge (Guobirvággi) Valley with their passes, the last being The Tarfala Pass, to The Tarfala Hut, to finally end up in Nikkaluokta Village, the classic start or end of many a Lapland hike.

31 July 2011

I shared a six-bed compartment on the northbound train from Stockholm with a timid father and his two teenage sons and two guys that travelled together, one 66 year old Dutch environmental scientist who knew Swedish and a hardcore old-time communist from Stockholm in his 50s. They were all heading for Lapland hikes. The timid father quoted Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf at one time, with the line “varken varken eller eller” (“neither neither nor nor”), which startled me a bit.

We reached an understanding about a call for silence and sleep at 11 PM, and we all dozed off.


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