Ingvar Loco Nordin & Anna Nygren
Lisa's Helmet Hike
(Mårma - Three Pass Trail 2011)

Anna at the reindeer herder cabin in Alisvággi early in the morn

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Chapter 6

Yellow line shows the distance covered in chapter 6, while yellow and red lines combined show the total hiking distance of the day.

3 August 2011

The Aliseatnu Rapids

We woke in our tents, had a quick breakfast, recalling the gnat plague from the night before – which wasn’t as severe in the morning – and were on our way at the beginning of yet a beautiful, sunny day. The path went on through the thick brush, barely making it possible for us to get through, the backpacks getting caught in the troll arm branches of the mountain birches which were added to the hassle of the underbrush, but since we were stuffed with fresh breakfast energy, we were down by the reindeer herder hut in a jiffy and soon after that by the hanging bridge across Aliseatnu River, and across it.

The Vierrojohka Ravine, which we'd move up along, first on the right (west) side and then on the left (east) side, all the way to the Mårma Cabin about ten kilometers up the ascent

We consulted our map and found the most decent path to follow around an elevation and up to the right (south) along The Veirrojohka River in The Vierrovággi Valley. We worked our way down a sandy path along the steep slope toward the river at the bottom of the canyon, until we came upon the bridge that took us across to the left (east) side of Vierrojohka, where we would stay all the way up to The Mårma Cabin, about ten kilometers up ahead, all the time climbing, sometimes slightly, other times wildly.

Anna coming up along Vierrojohka

The waters rushed madly through the rapids, drowning out any other sound, making it hard even to talk. We surely felt the spirit of the wilderness up along that river with raging glacier water, originating up above in the massive Moarhmmábákti Glacier.
I felt the weight of the backpack paining me, and didn’t do much talking this day; just walking and trying to make things work in spite of the discomfort. Anna and I usually do a lot of talking, so the contrast was well contoured!

Anna massaged my upper back at one time when I got cramps, managing to relieve me of the pain.

This is just before a dangerous place with loose rocks sticking out of gravel and sand above the trail

We stopped by a rock by the river at noon and cocked our lunch. This helped, and I felt more energy seeping into my arms and legs.
We looked ahead to a canyon that connected from the left, with water up from the vicinity of The Vierročohkka Mountain Range. This was the halfway mark to The Mårma Cabin, and when we reached and crossed it, without any real fording; just jumping from stone to stone, we felt relief in store for us, although we couldn’t yet see the cabin.

Your host tired in the warm weather, straining up the draining ascent to The Mårma Cabin

(photo: anna nygren)

Vierrojohka River, looking downstream (north)

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