Jibbolii day 5c
29th November 2003

All pictures: Ingvar Loco Nordin

Lou Mallozzi wiping his face after sticking it into a bowl of water
as part of his series Usi scrutati (Scrutinized Uses)

Lou Mallozzi finishing his set of performances from
Usi scrutati (Scrutinized Uses)

High Heel Sisters in one of their surprise acts...

Yes baby! High Heel Sisters tracking down a prey

KEL Hostess Jonna Sandell looking her best!

Sten Hanson, avantgarde guru, subversive veteran,
putting on his loudly acclaimed Kinderspiele!
Hit it, Hanson!!!

Sten Hanson!

Sten Hanson in the highest of spirits!

Doing the dog! Kinderspiele continues!

Hands up, folks!

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