Jibbolii day 5d
29th November 2003

All pictures: Ingvar Loco Nordin

Hands up! Sten Hanson in Kinderspiele!

Anne Pajunen in the midst of her hilarious performance
Hur ser du maten?

Anne Pajunen offering hostess Elisabeth Hansson
a shot of whiskey!

High Heel Sisters in one of their
mysterious appearances...

The delicious result of collective Fylkingen cake baking!

Daniel Skoglund in an ingenious shaping
of sound patterns

DJ Female Trouble - Fylkingen's producer Eva Broberg -
getting the crowd on it's feet

Per Magnusson checking the levers

High Heel Sisters delivering a mysterious underwear message:
"This Is Power"

Ida Lundén & Per Magnusson:
Inte ska du stå ensam med skammen

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