(Photo: Russell Milledge. Variation: I. L. Nordin)

The Australian-American Clocked Out Duo (Erik Griswold – Piano; Vanessa Tomlinson – Percussion) use traditional piano, percussion and voice alongside a bewildering array of found objects, sculptures and modified electro-acoustic sound sources to create carefully designed sonic, visual and theatrical experiences.
Taking musical influences from American experimentalists Cage, Lucier, and Feldman; jazz icons Ellington and Sun Ra; European avant gardists Xenakis and Stockhausen; and free improvisors Eddie Prevost and Cecil Taylor - to name a few - and artistic influences from Mark Rothko, Kurt Schwitters and Bill Viola, Clocked Out Duo has cultivated a range of styles from pulse-driven mindscapes and microsonic soundscapes to mindbending acoustical phenomenology, spastic physical improvisation and intricate vocal-percussion phonetics. The staggering breadth of their repertoire encompasses the esoteric complexity of Brian Ferneyhough while embracing the ironic novelty of Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Clocked Out Duo is committed to exploring new styles and art forms, bringing the music to new audiences and engaging cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchanges with Australian and international musicians and artists. Their 2001-2 collaboration with Chinese composer Zou Xianping and choreographer Zhang Ping led to the massive Sichuan Fantasy production, which fused Sichuan folk, street, and classical traditions with experimental music, dance and multi-media. In 2001 the duo dabbled in the miniature sound world of toy instruments, culminating in the funky Felaminikuti and the Clocked Out Sing-along. Year 2000 collaborations with Australian artists Sarah Pirrie (Other Planes) and Rosemary Joy (Veronique) led to evocative unions of sight and sound; fashion and performance. Frequent collaborations with American electronic sound artist Harry Castle (as Clocked Out Trio) have opened up new directions for the duo in multi-media improvisation.