ExSurge [piano / prepared piano / live electronics / strings / sounds / improvisation]

The duo ExSurge works with free improvisation and with live electronics.  ExSurge is an offshoot from ReSurge - a smaller forum for trying out different approaches, sounds and an invitation to play with other musicians.
ExSurge is an electroacoustic duo, which has played together since 2003, working with acoustic instruments and electronics in an equal mix and a brilliant interplay. The duo will release a CD on its own label in the spring of 2006.

Lisa Ullén [piano / prepared piano] is an improvisatory musician and composer originating in the intense energy of free jazz as well as the sound-world of contemporary art music.
She has studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and in the United States.
In recent years she has devoted herself completely to improvisation and composition. She plays in various ensembles and temporary constellations.

Lars Bröndum [guitar / electronics] is a composer who works with the ensemble ReSurge, for which he also composes music.
Lars Bröndum has a PhD and Masters of Music in Composition at the University of Pittsburgh and a four-year exam in classic guitar at Youngstown State University.
He is an active composer at EMS and has also written music for orchestras and chamber ensembles. He has toured the USA, playing at NYU and the Greenwich Village Art Festival. His works have been performed in the USA, Mexico, Great Britain and Sweden.
Presently he is working with the ensembles ReSurge and ExSurge.