Nesrin Sen at a café in Stockholm, February 2006
(photo: ingvar loco nordin)

Nesrin Sen is a self-made woman of remarkable, stubborn energy and will, paired with talent and creative fluency.
Although her name indicates a non-Swedish origin, she is born and raised in Sweden, but her parents come from Turkey. Her home turf is the circuits of Greater Stockholm, and I meet her in a café there in late February for an interview, published elsewhere at

She’s been active within the arts since she was very young. She took the aesthetic program in senior high. She had her own rock band while she took classical singing lessons, followed by studies in jazz and classical music.

Nesrin Sen is also a visual artist, involved in painting as well as drawing and sculpturing. Furthermore, she’s studied design.

So far (early 2006), she has produced two CDs through her own production venture;
Nesrin Productions, the first one – type Nesrin Sen – in 2002; the second – Plenty Coloured Bird – in late 2005, just out.

She has been doing secular work as a pre-school teacher in an English pre-school in Stockholm, and now she sustains herself partly through a position as a Turkish-Swedish interpreter in the Stockholm area.

She is a singer-songwriter and guitarist of a rather indefinable brand, soaring in and out of style, but in an Anglo-Saxon tradition, which makes me think of people like Essra Mohawk and Melanie, should anyone remember them. She admits to influences like Tori Amos et consortes, and she tells me some people have told her she sounds like Nico of the Velvet Underground.

Untarnished by those analogies, though, Nesrin Sen stands out as an artist of her very own making and originality, completely ignorant of genres, down home and up-town free to shape her own art, without side glances or business calculations. She is an artist with this strong, rare spirit of integrity, commitment and shining life force that lights up the moment for anyone in the vicinity.

In concert
photo: henrik ståhle

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